Welcome to the website of Maatwielen!

This website provides information in Dutch about the services of Maatwielen, a small company specialising in providing tailor-made advice on wheels ('Maatwielen' translates as 'Custom-made wheels'), and in building and repairing road and mountain bike wheels. The information you'll find here can be made available to you in English. For example, if you've noticed some nice wheels on my 'Projecten' page (see here), I can provide you with information on it. Send your request to hans@maatwielen.nl.

The services of Maatwielen are especially useful to you if you:

→ tend to have apparently uncurable problems with your wheels
→ can't find the wheels to suit your weight or purpose
→ have a desire to have wheels made according to your own specifications
→ are looking for wheels with quality full carbon clincher rims
→ want to have your Mavic wheel repaired
→ are looking for hubs or pedals which measure power (Powertap)